Education Committee

Mission: Investigate educational and training programs to be offered to the membership.

Meeting Frequency: As needed (September thru May)

Members: (Chair) Gary Bichler – R&P Oak Hill Development, Karen Antonelli – Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner, Earl Cantwell – Hurwitz & Fine, Dave Guido – Encompass Management, Don Hahn – Hahn Training, Brendan Kelly – M&T Bank, Joe Marchitte – MKS Plumbing, Drew Miller – Webster Szanyi, Byron Nakagawa – ­Bison Scaffold, Greg Schober – Huber Construction, Shannon Seipel – Lafarge, Tim Toole – Lawley Insurance, and Linda Trichel – Vanner Insurance Agency

Legislative Committee

Mission: Discuss legislative topics that may affect the Western NY construction industry and when necessary, determine appropriate corresponding courses of action.  Typical courses of action may include membership training and/or notifications.

Meeting Frequency: 2 to 3 times per year (March and September) or as needed

Members: (Chair) Robert Michalak – Michalak & Dobson, Diane Burger – CTS Contracting, David Farinacci – Tradesmen International, Steve Federico – Calspan Corp., Andy McLellan – UNYSE, Adam Mollenberg – Mollenberg-Betz, Chris Picone – Picone Construction Corporation, Curt Resetarits – Buffalo Crushed Stone, Tom Saia – Iroquois Bar Corp, John Urso – Gypsum Systems and Chris Wopperer – Thermal Foams Inc

Marketing and Events Committee

Mission: Develop and oversee a marketing plan that increases awareness of the Construction Exchange and its membership benefits among the Western NY construction community.  Discuss new programs that may be beneficial to the membership and oversee existing programs. Plan social events.

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly (February, May, August, November) or as needed.

Members: (Chair) Chris Wopperer – Thermal Foams Inc., Derek Banach – Stohl Environmental, Sarah Battaglia – The Environmental Service Group, Danielle Bickel – Upstate Rebar, Bill Buscaglia – DeSpirt Mosaic and Marble Co, Joyce DeLong – Insty-Prints, Grace Dettelis – Ideal Concrete, Mindy Elniski – Lougen, Valenti, Bookbinder & Weintraub, Craig Mahoney – Guard Contracting, Steve Federico – Calspan, Maria Nowakowski – United Material, Jarrett Pace – Aflac, Joe Peresan – The Bonadio Group, Peter Roe – Ace Flag Pole, Jill Sawyer – KHEOPS, Anthony Sieber – Hanes Supply, Tim Toole – Lawley Insurance, Sean Umlauft – Lougen, Valenti, Bookbinder & Weintraub, Paula Varecka – Lafarge, Sean Whiddon – Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo, and David Will – AXA Advisors, and Dave Shanley.

Plan Room Committee

Mission: Evaluate new plan room technology or functionalities.  Determine the direction the Exchange takes with new plan room technology and systems.

Meeting Frequency: 3 to 4 times a year (February, May, October) or as needed.

Members: (Chair) Moira Moldenhauer – Dwight Moldenhauer, Jim Collins – Constructive Solutions, Kevin Dikeman – Door Specialties, John Embow – Grove Roofing Services Keith Matot – Great Lakes Building Systems, Alison Mazurkiewicz – Concept Construction, Maria Nowakowski – United Materials, Wendy Sanders – Joseph A. Sanders, Jessica Utley – Hamburg Overhead Door

Safety Committee

Mission: Discuss topics related to safety in the Western NY construction industry and when necessary, determine appropriate corresponding courses of action.  Typical courses of action may include membership training and/or notifications.

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly (January, April, July, November) or as needed.

Members: (Chair) Van Mollenberg – Mollenberg-Betz, Ron Adamczak – Lawley Service, Bruce Aquilina – Verizon Wireless, Jeff Danahy – Vanner Insurance Agency, Gordon DeLeys – OSHA, Eric Frandsen – Frey Electric, Anne Gaspar – Ciredon Group LLC,  Mike Jandzinski – Lovell Safety Management Co, Dale Keller – Mader Construction, Ryan Knoph – John W. Danforth, Rocco Lueck – HR Benefit Advisors, John Monson – Quality Risk Solutions, John O’Hare, Bob Overhoff – LP Ciminelli, Tony Picone – Picone Construction Corp, Nicole Savage-Seaman – Nature’s Way Environmental, Mike Scime – OSHA, Ken Stephan – Mandon Building Systems, Camille Waters – Datz Dat Construction.

Sustainability Committee

Mission: Discuss ways we can be more sustainable, helpful, and educated contributors to our fast growing communities. Offers open panel discussions, host guest speakers, and offer educational resources in order to ensure development is always done the right way in our area. Assist our members in contributing to a more responsible and sustainable future for Buffalo and its surrounding areas. Focus points include LEED certification for building and design, incentives for renewable energy, procure legislation & funding resources, establish an opportunity to network & connect, and find & share technology for smart design.

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly (May, August, November, February) or as needed.

Members: (Chair) Ryan Willett – Willett Builders Inc, Ali Adelman – Wendel Companies, Michelle Bodewes – Kheops Architecture, Dan George – LP Ciminelli, Bob Galdys – SmartEdge, Gary Grimmer – Picone Construction, Adam Guglielmi – Construction Exchange of Buffalo & WNY, Vaughn Maracle – Campus CMG

Advisors: Tracie Hall  – USGBC, Stephanie Hiller – SUCF, Lorne Mlotek – Leading Green Inc, Kirk Narbaugh – King & King/AIA, Mark Shriver – WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable