Sentext Mobile Marketing

SenText Mobile Marketing 



We are pleased to offer an exciting new Mobile Marketing Program for Construction Exchange Members! 

Text Messages have become a key way for businesses to communicate with their prospects, customers, and employees instantly. 

You may already receive the text alerts we utilize to keep our members informed of the latest news, classes and updates. If not, we encourage you to pull out your phone and join our own text club by texting CONEX to 51660.



The main benefit is that you can reach 99% of your subscribers instantly, whereas email, phone calls, and social media are a bit slower and less reach. With SenText, we have found they make it easy. There is no other media that reaches people so quickly on their phone screen, where people touch their phone on average, 2167 times per day.

This can be utilized and set up within just one week of signing up.

Text Marketing works for getting new customers, reaching existing customers, and other important communications as well. You will save time and money by reaching more people faster.  On your behalf, Construction Exchange has negotiated special pricing for members if they would like to use this technology.

To learn more about how you can use it in your particular business, you must inquire through the link below. Fill out the short form and you will be contacted immediately by our Local Representative, Shannon Panaro.

  • 75% of consumers are OK with receiving SMS messages from brands (after they’ve opted in).
  • SMS messages have a whopping 99% open rate.
  • Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook.
  • 95% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes.
  • Consumers redeem SMS-delivered coupons 10 times more than other types of coupons.