T-Mobile GPS Fleet Tracking


Start tracking your fleet’s status in near real time for just $15/mo. with no annual service contract—only

with sync-up


Help reduce operating expenses—decrease idle time, improve dispatch behavior
and minimize operating costs.
Optimize your route—make informed, smart decisions about your fleet from any device,
where you go.
Easy-to-use management tools—effortless to install and simple to monitor,
with no hassles.
HOS Compliance—SyncUP FLEET can help you track driver hours to help meet the HOS
mandate that went into effect in Dec. 2017. For more details and to stay up to date on the
ELD Mandate, visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration websites.

Click here, to view T-Mobile’s Official SyncUp Fleet page.

Click here, to view a testimonial video on SyncUp Fleet.


Construction Exchange of Buffalo and WNY Members:
T Mobile will waive all SyncUp Fleet activation fees for Construction Exchange of Buffalo & WNY members with proper membership verification. This is a savings of up to $20.00 per line.
T Mobile’s SyncUp Fleet product helps companies track their vehicle, ensure route optimization, reduce idle time, automate maintenance schedules and reduce fuel spend for just $15.00 a month with NO CONTRACTS.
To be connected to a local rep in WNY, please contact Richard Taylor at Richard.Taylor140@T-Mobile.com.



J.D. Power awarded T-Mobile the “Highest in Business Customer Satisfaction with
Very Small, Small/Medium, and Large Enterprise Wireless Service,” outperforming the
competition. T-Mobile achieves the highest score in five study factors: Cost of Service,
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