As a Construction Exchange member, you and your company can leverage the group buying power to negotiate discounts on everyday purchases and big-ticket items.

aQuiRe™ – Discounts on Construction Safety, Toolbox Talks, and New Hire Training 

It’s hard to keep safety and operations front of mind as you’re growing your business. As the season ends and layoffs begin, what support are you giving contractors to uplevel their skills and keep them safe?

aQuiRe™ is a mobile application providing digital construction training to construction workers anytime, anywhere. The e-learning platform is WBE/DBE certified and built by construction owners to educate and advance America’s frontline workers. The platform offers construction workers over 400+ specialized videos, quizzes, templates, and tools to learn everything you need to know on a job site- from onboarding to equipment training. The dashboard uses analytics for document management, helping operators with construction job site compliance and the reduction of safety premiums. 


  • up to 25% off the yearly subscription
  • FREE mental health and suicide prevention construction training modules, employee surveys
  • FREE construction toolbox talks with 100+ ideas and reusable content

    Get a free trial of aQuiRe™ for your construction company with Affinity Membership.

    If you have goals around upskilling your current employees for next year’s increased workload, training new contractors to be more specialized, or are just concerned about keeping your best employees safe…  Let us know what resources we can provide to be your first line of defense.

    Workmans Compensation Program

    New York State Construction Industry Safety Group #469

    This coalition of companies is dedicated to securing its state-mandated workers’ compensation insurance at the lowest rate with the highest level of service.

    Why join?

    Join a Lovell Safety Group and get risk-free coverage under a guaranteed cost program and share your group’s underwriting profits. As a member, you get:

    • Cash-flow savings through high advance discounts
    • Substantial savings from consistent dividends
    • Improved experience ratings
    • Safety programs resulting in fewer accidents and higher productivity
    • Early medical intervention and return-to-work strategies

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    Does your company qualify?

    Great news! We’re pleased to offer our members an exclusive benefit: The Construction Exchange Fleet Fuel Program, featuring top-quality Sunoco Ultratech(TM) fuel, service, and convenience.

    With this valuable Program, member participants will:

    Save 6¢ on every gallon of gas and diesel purchased at Sunoco with the SunTrak® Fuel Card or the Sunoco Universal Fuel Card – two-card solutions built to meet your specific business needs.

    Interested in learning how you can save more on your Fuel Purchases? Contact Membership Director, AmyRae Nessa, at today!

    With the Program, you’ll save time and even more money by using the easy, online tools designed to give you complete control over your vehicle fuel and management expenses:

    • Set specific spending limits by driver
    • Reclaim your time by omitting receipt collection and driver reimbursements
    • Fuel conveniently at over 5,000 Sunoco locations
    • Protect your business from fraud with driver IDs and odometer prompts at the pump
    • View and download reports that show every purchase transaction in detail
    • View performance data for each vehicle
    • Manage your account online anytime and on-the-go with the Fleet SmartHub mobile app

    Does your business qualify for exemption from excise, sales or special fuel taxes? Save even more time and money with the Program’s Fuel Card Tax Exemption & Reporting features.

    Click here to find the nearest Sunoco Station near you!


    401(k) Benefit: Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) – What is it?  

    The BIENYS Multiple Employer Plan is a customizable 401(k) plan for your organization and includes many benefits typically available only to larger plans. Notably, this plan will limit your Fiduciary responsibility and liability, as the bulk of these responsibilities are assumed by the BIE of NYS as the plan sponsor and the selected plan service providers. Additionally, the plan expenses are significantly below national averages.  

    In short, this is a tool to help your employees save and plan for retirement, while allowing you to focus on managing your business.  

    For Companies Without a Retirement Plan 

    If you do not already have a plan in place and have 10 or more employees, New York State law will soon require you to create a plan or join the New York State Secure Choice Savings Plan. The Construction Exchange of Buffalo and WNY is excited to offer this alternative to the New York State Plan, providing more flexibility in plan design.   

    For Companies With a Retirement Plan  

    If your company already has a plan, we encourage you to consider exploring the numerous benefits this plan may provide, including the potential for significant cost savings and the opportunity to allocate most of your fiduciary risk to the BIE of NYS in their role as Plan Sponsor. The day-to-day administrative tasks are handled by the plan providers and for larger plans, this eliminates the need for a separate plan audit. Ultimately, the MEP allows companies to focus on their business instead of the administrative duties associated with a retirement plan offering. 

    What are the benefits of the plan? 

    • The bulk of fiduciary responsibility is assumed by the BIE of NYS and the plan providers 
    • Low-cost investment options 
    • Flexible plan design including eligibility, vesting, employer contributions, etc. 
    • 1-on-1 investment guidance for participants 
    • Negotiated group pricing 
    • No start-up fee to the employer 
    • No individual plan audit fee to the employer 
    • No separate annual 5500 filing or ERISA bonding requirement 
    • No obligation fee benchmarking analysis 
    • Generous “plan start-up” and auto-enrollment tax credits are available for the first 3 years. For more details consult your tax advisor.  

    Click Here to visit the Construction Exchange of Buffalo and WNY MEP Website to learn more and get started!